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John's Art Official Shop


Assets for Unity3D Game Engine

Horror Development Kit

High Quality FPS Horror Kit that allows you to create top quality horror games

PRICE: €50

Horror Development Kit LITE

Basic Horror Kit that allows you to create a really good horror game

PRICE: €25

Complete Horror Menu

Ready to use main menu with horror style, easy to customize as you like

PRICE: €15

Flat Main Menu

Ready to use main menu with flat and minimal style, easy to customize as you like

PRICE: €10

Advanced Flashlight System

Ready to use and functional flashlight system that includes high quality animations and models

PRICE: €15

Examination System

Examination system that allows the player of your game to examine objects around the map like a detective

PRICE: €10

Dynamic Footsteps

Easy to use footsteps system made for first person games

PRICE: €10

FPS Animated Weapons Pack

Four Animated Weapons for FPS Games: AXE, M1911, M1014 and PP19.

PRICE: €30


Q. Why should I buy from here instead of the Unity Asset Store?
A. The main reasons to buy from here are that the prices here are lower and you get updates of assets in preview, a long time before they show up on the Unity Asset Store

Q. Are the payments safe here?
A. Absolutely yes! This shop use PayPal for payments, that is one of the best worldwide payment method. They payments are managed by PayHip as e-commerce provider

Q. What I need to buy from here?
A. You just need a PayPal account with enough funds to buy the product

Q. What I need to do after the payment?
A. As first thing, be sure that the payment has been completed without any problem, then if so, you are done. You will get a mail within few minutes with a safe link to download your product(s)

Q. Where I will download my product?
A. The product(s) are located in a virtual Cloud, after the purchase you will get a link to download the product(s)

• Refund Policy •

I don't offer refunds because even if I refund your money, there is no way for you to "return" the asset and code. The end result is that you keep both the money and the product.